Our Mission and Goals

Our mission is to become the preferred outsourcing partner for rubber products in our region. With more than a decade of expertise, we have been doing our best to ensure the highest quality of service for all of our clients.

To support our objectives, we have valued connections with partners in a variety of different industries such as raw rubber and silicone. Because we do most of the work ourselves, we guarantee the most competitive prices in our field of services. This ensures you do not sacrifice your own competitive prices in return for the loss of quality. In addition, the work provided whilst maintaining the quality standards also meets your timing requirements, meeting the necessary deadlines.

All our Compression Moulding and sandblasting machines meet all the necessary standard requirement of rubber making. We produce a wide range from small rubber components to as large rubber mountings and bushes for trucks and industrial or agricultural machines.

We also produce specific products for non-conventional vehicles and machinery which have unique measurements. We have built expertise in creating typical and non-typical seals, O’ rings, Oil Seals, Boots, gaskets among many other products. If you contact us, we will provide you with our portfolio of products we produce.

We take a great pride in our ability to produce the highest quality rubber products having a great deal of expertise in engineering, great communication and customer service. To underline the fact, we pay attention to our clients’ time zone, when it comes to work with a deadline. We are in non-stop contact with our suppliers and ensure that all our partners get the products they aim to receive.

In order to guarantee the best cooperation with our clients we offer different clauses in our contract for our partners to sit back and relax and we ensure that we will not be using any of your unique designs with anyone else. The control of the moulds are also in your hands for additional comfort and will be returned after the production run if necessary. We make sure our partners enjoy all the benefits of having a great outsourcing partner in us.

If you would like to have more information on our products and work, please visit our Services section. In case you would like to get in touch with us, all you need to do is to get in touch with us via phone or mail with the necessary descriptions and we will do our best to provide you with the necessary information.